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10 POC-Owned Advisory Businesses With Insanely Great Marketing

Twenty Over Ten named 2050 Wealth Partners one of the top in marketing for financial advisories owned by people of color.

Over the last few months, there has been so much uncertainty and you might be struggling with what to say or what content to share. I certainly struggle myself. But I always come back to this principle: be helpful however you can be – to provide information and advice in your area of expertise that will best help others. As a marketer, one way I can be helpful is to do a much better job of using businesses owned by black people or POC (people of color) in the examples I share.

Did you know that right now, African American and Latino CFP® professionals represent less than 4% of over 87,000 CFP® professionals? The future of the financial planning profession calls for diversity and innovation. I recently asked our community on twitter to share financial advisory businesses with great marketing run by POC and got a ton of great suggestions. Honestly, way too many to capture in a single blog post so today I wanted to highlight a few that really stood out to me, and what makes their websites so compelling.

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