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Here’s What Advisors are Doing to Help Clients — and Themselves — Amid Coronavirus Volatility

Five members of the CNBC Financial Advisor Council share what they’re telling clients, whether they’re helping them reallocate and how the downturn is impacting their own fortunes.

As markets careen in response to a near-unprecedented public health crisis that’s brought the U.S. economy to it knees, financial advisors are often the first place worried investors are turning — perhaps after favorite news outlets — for advice, information and solace.

While calming clients and working with them to shore up their investment portfolios, many advisors themselves, as small-business owners, are facing their own unique income and investment challenges.

We asked five certified financial planners, who are members of the CNBC Financial Advisor Council, what they’re telling anxious clients, whether and how they’re reallocating client portfolios and how they’re faring as business people in their own right.

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