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How to Better Understand Your Partner’s ‘Money Personality’

CNBC's AJ Horch spoke with Lazetta and Rianka on how to build good money habits with your partner.

You consider yourself a saver, someone who is frugal with their money and knows where every penny is going. But the love of your life is a spender, a firm believer in retail therapy, prone to impulse buys. Despite how much affection you have for your partner, their money habits may be a sore spot in your relationship.

This scenario is not uncommon. About half of all marriages end in divorce and often money issues are a driving factor. According to a survey by Ramsey Solutions, arguments about finances is the second leading cause of divorce after infidelity.

Though we may try to deny it, most of us have an emotional attachment to money one way or another. Our emotions heavily influence our money decisions, according to Dr. Brad Klontz, author of “Mind Over Money,” co-founder of the Financial Psychology Institute, and a contributor to CNBC.

Because of the emotional attachment to money, it’s important for couples to talk about finances. Financial blogging couple Julien and Kiersten Saunders have figured out the magic number of conversations you’ll need to have. According to the pair, “You have to have over 10 discussions with your spouse or partner to understand their underlying money beliefs.”

Here are some tips from experts that can make those conversations easier.

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