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One Year Later, 2050 Wealth Partners is Celebrating the Power of Partnership!

By Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP® and Lazetta Rainey Braxton, MBA, CFP®

It’s incredible to think that 2050 Wealth Partners is already celebrating its one year anniversary!

We won’t say the past year has flown by, but it sure has been one to remember. Thank you for being part of our journey.

In 2019, we began merging our individual practices together with the vision of designing an elevated financial advisor experience for wealth builders and protectors, and building an intentionally inclusive workplace.

Truthfully, the road we traveled to get here wasn’t always clear. Rianka, pregnant with her first child when discussions started becoming more serious, had been weighing the balances of motherhood and career. Lazetta was also cautious about entering into the right partnership, and recalls the familiar challenges many women, especially Black women, face when “going it alone” is often the easier solution. Perhaps you know these feelings too?

We would both need to financially undress, peeling back the layers, to ensure the partnership was a successful one and that we could rely on and trust each other implicitly. Slowly, the existing friendship evolved into a deep, trusted relationship.

We finally surrendered and decided to unleash together the Power in partnership!

After months of careful consideration and meticulous planning we were off - with our hopes and dreams pinned to this new venture. The sky was the limit.

Mere weeks following our launch in February 2020, the world changed; yet the basic tenets of how we communicate and conduct work as a 100% virtual firm remained unchanged. Rianka would soon go into labor, and life would change for us all, confined to our homes and constantly navigating a steady drip of bad news while isolated from friends and family. It was an uncertain time to navigate. Yet in some form of divine foresight, our firm was fully equipped to serve our clients in a new normal. For that, we are so grateful.

We’ve been so blessed to welcome two full-time employees in the process, Danielle and Raquel. This has been a great goal of ours as we’ve focused on building an intentionally inclusive workplace where we all grow together, one that we always dreamed of when we were first starting out.

Lazetta shares that the opportunities have been great with clients, too, “It’s beautiful that we can take deeper dives with our existing clients to help them leverage their own gifts, and monetize it, and be good stewards of that as well, too.”

But, the process hasn’t been totally seamless. Like any good partnership, we must constantly pour into each other, be a steadying hand during uncertain times, and continuously assess changing circumstances.

The same is true for finances: sometimes our best laid plans will take a detour, and when they do we must right the ship.

Together, we’ve navigated some intense storms, leaned on our colleagues and community when the days and decisions were hard, and made it through a very difficult year intact.

We are grateful for the journey, despite its ups and downs. It is in the journey where growth and discoveries occur.

We encourage you to listen to a special episode of 2050 TrailBlazers where Raquel joins us as we reflect on the journey and proclaim the power of partnership. Find the episode here.

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