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Two Investopedia Top 100 Advisors Launch New Firm

Rianka and Lazetta spoke with Irene Huhulea from Investopedia about launching 2050 Wealth Partners.

Mergers have been the name of the game so far this year, and this continues to be a growing trend across the industry. And it’s not just large firms that are merging. Partnerships between smaller firms are on the rise—and they’re creating great opportunities for advisors.

Co-founded by Lazetta Braxton and Rianka Dorsainvil, two of Investopedia’s Top 100 Advisors, 2050 Wealth Partners is one such partnership. Developed with the goal of serving a wide range of clients, the fully virtual firm is designed to help clients create the lives and legacies they want.

Following the announcement of the firm’s launch, Braxton and Dorsainvil offered insights on their partnership, their goals for the future, and some of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Developing a Strong Partnership

One of the keys to a successful partnership is a shared set of values. “I never wanted to launch my firm by myself but I was going to wait until I found someone who was as passionate about comprehensive financial planning as I was,” says Dorsainvil, emphasizing how she and Braxton came up with the idea behind 2050 Wealth Partners.

“We were both solo practitioners with a deep passion for financial planning and serving client segments that were typically overlooked by Wall Street,” adds Braxton. After several years of collaborating through professional organizations, the two decided to bring their talents together to form a partnership that would allow them to serve a broader range of clients.

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