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You have decided to partner with us on your financial planning journey. We invite you to do the same with your entrepreneurial journey. Your business is a big part of you; it deserves the same care and attention as your personal finances. 


Entrepreneurs, like you, face an incredible journey along their way to starting, growing and exiting a business. The work is immediate and ongoing: moving from conception to ideation, then to launch, and deciding how to pass it on. Once we’re deep in the journey, oftentimes we get stuck working in the business, rather than on it.

It’s no wonder why, then, that business owners are often:


  • Do everything themselves 24/7/365

  • Struggling to balance personal and professional lives

  • Have a tendency to become overwhelmed and overworked due to the neverending to-dos


While they’re busy keeping the lights on, they also need to also be thinking of:

  • Paying themselves enough

  • Positioning for growth 

  • Building their professional team

  • Determining their exit strategy and the ongoing viability of the business


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Meet Lazetta Rainey Braxton, MBA, CFP®, and Rianka R. Dorsainvil, CFP®, co-CEOs of 2050 Wealth Partners: seasoned wealth management experts and business owners who understand the power of partnership. 


Lazetta and Rianka enjoy working with start-ups and growing companies to provide guidance, support growth, and coordinate your professional team in areas such as business strategy, cash flowing planning and funding, retirement plans, tax planning and more to ensure that things get done according to your firm’s vision, missions, and values. We’ve found that many of the principles that unleash wealth and growth for individuals along the personal financial planning journey apply to business financial planning as well.  


Our Strategy: Simple. Streamlined. Sophisticated.

You are your business, and personal finance cannot be kept in a silo. As such, the 2050 WPs business advisor relationship is symbiotic to the personal finance journey for at least one of the businesses’ financial decision makers.

Ongoing Guidance and Support:

We hold strategic planning meetings with clients and our internal team to discuss client situations, engage in thought-leadership, offer solutions, and resources.

A Polished Business Structure and Client Experience

We collaborate with clients to bring forth a clear strategy, help develop checklists, and produce workflows for each of the business financial planning areas.

Tools to Unleash Your Firm Value

We work closely with the leadership to ensure all activities align with the firm's mission, vision, and values; refer and attend meetings with aligned professionals that support the business strategy; and hold client events for building community and networking to include special guests.

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