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Our team provides ongoing wealth management and comprehensive financial planning services. We help our clients build, grow, and protect wealth with upfront planning, ongoing support, and accountability. We work with our clients 100% virtually.

W H A T   W E   D O

Our comprehensive planning includes:


Cash Flow Planning

Discover how your money supports your goals and values. 

Confidence in your budget will help reduce money anxiety. 


Debt Management

Develop a strategy to pay off credit cards and loans. 

Feel the weight lifted as you reduce your debt.


Investment Planning

Build a diversified and low expense investment portfolio to align with your financial objectives. 


Employee Benefit Planning

Take advantage of your employee benefits. 

Essential coverage adds a significant layer to your financial foundation. 


Insurance | Risk Management 

Plan for unexpected expenses or situations. 

Smooth out unexpected bumps in the road by taking proactive steps. 


College Planning 

Create a saving and investment strategy to help pay for college. 

Choosing the right strategy can help reduce sticker shock.  


Retirement Planning

Prepare for an enjoyable retirement. 

Make wise choices today to help grow and preserve your money.  


Estate Planning

Share your desires for transferring and protecting your wealth. 

Find peace in expressing your wishes.

W H O   W E   S E R V E


We serve diverse clients from all walks of life. Our clients often identify with one of four distinct profiles:

Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur


How do you transition from earning a consistent income to building a business and replacing your paycheck from corporate America? Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur is complicated - but 2050 Wealth Partners helps our clients take the financial leap and find success. 

Thriving Professional


Life can put a lot of demands on our time and money. Our clients are often in a blossoming career, but are finding that they struggle to reduce financial stress and make the most of their wealth. That’s where we come in! 

First Generation Wealth Builder


In many families, money isn’t something that is talked about. 70% of families lose wealth by the second generation - our clients don’t have to be part of that statistic. With thoughtful financial guidance that’s tailored to their unique goals and lifestyle, 2050 Wealth Partners helps our clients create the cycle of generational wealth.

Sandwich Generation Wealth Protector


Many of our clients are balancing their own financial wellbeing with taking care of their aging parents and providing for their young adult children. At 2050 Wealth Partners, we help our Sandwich Generation clients reclaim control of their financial lives, set new goals in this transitional season, and find fulfillment with their money while caring for loved ones.

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